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May 29, 2023 3 min read

Summertime attracts many benefits for businesses. The warm weather and longer days entice people out of their homes and into the outdoors, letting companies find opportunities to attract new customers and increase revenue. It's also the best time to evaluate options for a greener future by adopting renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and biomass. 

Investing in high-quality outdoor solar lighting lets you create an appealing and eco-friendly establishment. While the high costs and technology's complexity may seem intimidating, you can still positively impact the environment. 

We'll explain why your business needs high-quality outdoor solar lighting and its uses.

Traditional Outdoor Lighting vs. Solar Led Lighting: What’s the Difference?

People widely used high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps in the late 1900s because of their low energy demand, power consumption, and quality lumen output. However, the HPS lamps’ distinctive lighting has become less popular because of the limited color temperature range.

On the other hand, light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs have become increasingly popular since the 2000s because of their higher efficiency, lower power consumption, maintenance requirements, and ability to produce a broader range of colors. People also prefer LEDs because they have a higher color rendering index (CRI), which can create a more natural and brighter illumination than HPS lamps.

What Are the Drawbacks of Using LED Lights?

While LED lights have many benefits over traditional lighting, their potential brightness can lead to light pollution, disturb wildlife, and affect human sleep and eyesight. It's also crucial to know that some areas introduced stricter light pollution laws. For those reasons, you must consider the appropriate lighting level when installing new lights.

What Are the Pros of Using Solar-Powered Fixtures?

Businesses can improve energy efficiency by transitioning to solar-powered outdoor lighting fixtures like parking lots and streetlights. While LED bulbs are already efficient, solar-powered fixtures eliminate the need for monthly electricity bills and provide backup power during outages. That way, your company can save much money yearly and ensure lighting during lousy weather for up to five nights.

4 Common Solar Lighting Uses for Your Property

Here are four ways to use high-quality outdoor solar lighting. 

1. Parking Lots 

Medium to large businesses should upgrade their parking lot lighting to solar fixtures for maximum impact. You can find options if you’re on a budget or looking for a decorative choice. Also, remember these systems vary in mounting height and efficiency.

2. Security 

Find a reliable solar lighting company that offers a customizable security system to fit your needs and ensure it can power additional security equipment like cameras. While they may not come with security equipment, the system’s design and autonomy can accommodate your current system.

3. Signs  

Find a solar lighting system that can illuminate your business signs, make a good impression, and help customers locate the business. A company may offer a budget-friendly solution for lighting signs, storefront flagpoles, landscaping, and facades. Also, opt for a lower mounting height starting at 10', to maintain a lower profile.

4. Additional Buildings

While many businesses have multiple buildings that require lighting, traditional lighting systems can be costly and require extensive groundwork. Off-grid, self-sufficient lighting systems that require little to no groundwork can be a more efficient solution. People usually mount this system on rooftops, and it can benefit various applications like storage areas, pavilions, and outdoor restrooms.

How to Install Solar Lighting on Your Business’s Exterior

Businesses should evaluate their annual electricity expenses and maintenance costs and consider local, state, or federal incentives. Personal loans can also help overcome the hurdle of upfront costs.


Becoming a responsible business owner means looking for eco-friendly ways to power your establishment, especially during the summer when our earth faces a severe crisis. You can be sustainable by investing in high-quality outdoor solar lighting. 

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